Option Realty Group Testimonials

Corey is exactly what I look for in a real estate agent.

He is a fun, lovable guy, who know his stuff!

Adam Bukowski

Cory Tanzer is an amazing agent!

He always is professional, smart, informed, and going the extra mile for all of his clients. He will make your housing dreams come true! He did mine!

Debbie Bormann

I've used Corey Tanzer from Urban Option and he is very personable and easy to work with.

Very knowledgeable with what is going on in the market currently. Highly recommend.

Carmen Bora

Cory made the whole process easy!

Couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, friendly and responsive agent. Cory is truly the best and I'd recommend him to anyone!

Jenn DeCastro Thate

We had an awesome experience working with Cory to find the perfect apartment!

He listened to our needs and showed us places that met them. We ended up choosing the first apartment he showed us - and we love it! Certainly recommend Urban Option and Cory when it comes to house hunting!

Christina Bridges

My fiancé and I are moving from Michigan back to Illinois and Cory was more than helpful!

He helped ease my mind by being knowledgable about all of the neighborhoods. He also went the extra mile to view a home and send us pictures when we were unable to make the drive out here. I'd definatly recommend Cory, thanks for all of your help.

Lindsey Ann Bogardus

I had fed my indeciveness by downloading every realtor app, walking with numerous realtors and switching back and forth between buying or selling, high rise or walk up, etc.

In one half day of walkthroughs, Cory had me signing my lease on my dream apartment. He was very thourough with his prep work. Having me not only tell him what I wanted, but going through exercises to educate me. I learned about the different neighborhoods, what my money was able to get me in each neighborhood and what was truly a "nice to have", versus "need to have". Cory shifted his technique to my limited availability and indecisiveness. He setup an aggressive 20+ Unit, half day walk through schedule. It allowed me to experience each neighboorhood first hand. This gave me the reassurance that I had chosen the best apartment for my lifestyle. Cory carried a large format iPad, in which I initially thought was overkill. But I owe that connectivity for ultimately being chosen by my landlords. Four people walked the unit that night, with six others scheduled for the next day. Cory strongly encouraged me to fill out the application while he drove, as many application processes have a first in priority. My application was submitted at 7:38, with three others following consecutively [7:51, 8:14 and 8:21]. I had a matching offer with one other, but was chosen due to first submittal.

Adam Daniels

Cory did an amazing job helping me and my girlfriend find a place to live downtown.

I gave Cory our price range and our preferred neighborhoods and he quickly put together a list of places to go look at. Cory is extremely knowledgeable about all the neighborhoods downtown and gives you plenty of advice as you are touring the apartments. When we found our perfect place, but ran into issues with our landlord, Cory was still there to help us every step of the way, talking with the landlords and their property managers until our issues were resolved. I would definitely recommend Cory to anyone looking to buy/rent a place in the Chicago area. One of the best realtors in town!

Michael Chizhevsky

It's been said that while all are created equal, all realtors are not :).

Option Realty is refreshing to work with and Tracey, Gretchen and Ryan have chosen to build their organization with high-caliber real estate professionals. Thanks!

Josh Champneys

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